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Will students need to be uploaded individually, by template, or will they be already loaded into TIDE when it goes live? Who is responsible for uploading rosters to TIDE for each building?

TIDE will initially be loaded with students provided by the Iowa DE. However, any changes required after the initial upload are district/school responsibility. ELPA21 District Coordinators and ELPA21 Building Coordinators will be able to add additional students as well as edit existing students’ details. ELPA21 Test Administrators will be able to edit existing students’ details only.

Will rosters be listed by their classroom teacher/homeroom teacher or by the ELL/LEP teacher?

ELPA21 District Coordinators or ELPA21 Building Coordinators can create rosters in any way that works for a school or district.

How do I access TIDE? When will TIDE be available?

In order to access TIDE, please go to https://portal.ed.iowa.gov. You will need to create an account through this site in order to access any of the Cambium Assessment Inc. (CAI) systems. The Enterprise A&A Set Up and Help page will provide assistance in this process. Once an account is step up on this site, you will need to request access to “Iowa ELPA21”; refer to the User Roles Chart to determine which access level you should have. Once access is granted, you will be able to select the “Iowa ELPA21” portal link in the banner to be redirected to http://iowaelpa21.portal.cambiumast.com/. TIDE is currently available via the User Pages of the Iowa ELPA21 Portal.

Where can I find the TIDE user guide?

The TIDE user guide is posted in the Test Coordinator and Test Administrator resource sections of the Iowa ELPA21 Portal.

What is TIDE?

TIDE stands for “Test Information Distribution Engine.” The TIDE system provides administrators with the tools to manage users and students participating in the Iowa ELPA21 assessments.