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Orders for Paper and Braille Summative Test Materials

Nov 2, 2020

Orders for Paper and Braille Summative Test Materials

TIDE is now back online.

The quantity of paper materials your district receives will be determined by the number of eligible students uploaded in TIDE who are marked as Paper Tester. Please upload all relevant student information and test settings to TIDE by Friday November 13, 2020 to ensure delivery to districts prior to the start of the Summative test window. Large Print and Braille materials can be ordered during the additional order window starting in January.

An additional order window will open on Tuesday January 19, 2021 until Friday March 19, 2021. To place orders for additional Summative materials, please use the online ordering module in TIDE.

If you have any questions, please contact the Iowa ELPA21 Help Desk for assistance.

Note:  Only students with IEPs or have religion-based technology prohibitions are eligible for Paper/Pencil forms.

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